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Teten i langløpet Marcialonga. Foto: Östh/NordicFocus.

Teten i langløpet Marcialonga. Foto: Östh/NordicFocus.

28 team klare for Visma Ski Classics

36 kvinner og 139 menn er fordelt på de 28 teamene som har fått lisens til å delta i Visma Ski Classics 2016/2017.

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28 Pro Teams in Visma Ski Classics VII!
The seventh long distance ski championship Visma Ski Classics consists of 13 events in which 28 Pro Teams will fight for the colored leading bibs as well as single event victories.

Norway and Sweden are the leaders of the pack in terms of the number of Pro Teams with ten and seven respectively.

Czech Republic has three outfits in the game, one of them is led by the cross-country ski hero Lucas Bauer.

Two Pro Teams hail from Italy and France while Austria, Finland, Germany and Russia have each one team.

– We have the upcoming winter handed out 28 Pro Team Licenses from the applications received.

– I am delighted to see that we for the first time in Visma Ski Classics have French Pro Teams in the tour, and they have some very interesting squads as well including Seraina Boner,SUI, and Maurice Manificat, FRA.

– The Pro Teams have continued their internationalization with for example a Norwegian skier in the German Pro Team “Forever Nordic”, and Swedish Lina Korsgren in Norwegian Team Leaseplan, says David Nilsson CEO Visma Ski Classics

The Visma Ski Classics season kicks off on the 27th of November in Pontresina Switzerland, with the Prologue, this season it is an individual format awarding individual as well as Pro Team points.

The first ordinary event, Sgambeda, is held the weekend after in Livigno, Italy.

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Pro Teams registered for 2016/2017 season:
Norway 10
Sweden 7
Czech Republic 3
Italy 2
France 2
Austria 1
Finland 1
Germany 1
Russia 1

Number of athletes:
Female 36
Male 139

Pro Teams Ranking:
1 Team Santander
2 Team United Bakeries
3 Lager 157 Ski Team
4 Team LeasePlan
5 Team PIONEER Investments
6 Team Serneke
7 Silvini Madshus team
8 Team Xcalibur Lill Sport
9 Team SkiProAM
10 Team Robinson Petshop Trainer
11 Atlas Craft Team
12 Team Tynell
13 Team igne
14 Russia Marathon Team
15 Team Synnfjell
16 IFK Mora Skidklubb
17 Team Forever Nordic
18 Skimarathon Team Austria
19 Team Parkettpartner
20 Skiteam Mäenpää
21 Team BN Bank
22 Rustad IL
23 Mosetertoppen Skiline Concept Team
24 Brink Ski Team
25 Haute-Savoie Nordic Team
26 Team Skiclub
27 Gel Interim/Rossignol
28 Team Telemark

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* LANGRENN PLUSS (+): Tid for å bli abonnent - Full tilgang på alle de gode sakene

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