Fra en tidligere utgave av Engadin Skimarathon. Foto: Andy Mettler/

Fra en tidligere utgave av Engadin Skimarathon. Foto: Andy Mettler/

40 år med Worldloppet

– Denne tiden har passert som et glimt.

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It all started with a dream & 9 popular skiing races.

In 1978 the vision of Tony Wise (USA) became true, when the first Worldloppet season was planned at a meeting in Uppsala, Sweden.

The following winter the 9 most important ski races were united to the Worldloppet league. 

Now in 2018, 40 years later, the Worldloppet Skifederation unites 20 races from 20 different nations and 4 different continents. The dream of "skiing around the world" became true for over 110.000 skiers every year. 

Epp Paal, the CEO of Worldloppet:

– Is 40 years a long time? For many people who have been involved in Worldloppet races form the beginning, this time has passed in a glimpse. Maybe because it has been so interesting. For WL President Juha it took 37 years to become a master. This shows that WL is a democratic organization and there is room and time for everyone to accomplish their goals.

During the Worldloppet 40 jubilee week, the Federation for popular skiing was celebrating this 40th anniversary with stories, pictures, videos, etc. from the good old times on the different Social Media Channels. With the hashtag #worldloppet40 you can find all the historic content. 

Worldloppet Annual General Meeting
During this jubilee week the Worldloppet Annual General Meeting has been taking place (from 14th to 17th June) in Liberec, Czech Republic, the home of the Jizerska Padesatka.

There the 20 delegates from the 20 member races discussed about the future of the federation.

One thing is clear: "The coming times are challenging for the sport of cross-country skiing, but together we are strong. As a unit, we are going to keep on skiing around the world also for the next 40 years!"

WorldloppetTV - the magazine 
One of the biggest decisions made at this year's AGM is concerning the communication channels of Worldloppet. After very good results of worldloppetTV - the magazine, the world-wide cross country skiing show, Worldloppet announced to continue with this project and even invest more into it.

The format is going to be re-designed in order to provide great magazine-tv experience for the 120.000 skiers, the 20 races, 20 nations, the sponsors, media, fans & friends. The brand new episode will be online very soon, in the beginning of July.

Find all episodes on our website & on our Facebook channel.

Worldloppet Summer races in Argentina, Australia & New Zealand
Since Worldloppet is the international Federation for popular skiing all over the world, also races on the southern hemisphere are included in the circuit, which means, there is no summer time.

The coming 3 races are already preparing their tracks.

On the 12th of August the Ushuaialoppet in Argentina is taking place, followed by the Kangaroo Hoppet in Australia (25th Aug) & the Merino Muster on the 1st of September. 

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