Startområdet til Kaiser Maximilian Lauf. Arrangørfoto.

Startområdet til Kaiser Maximilian Lauf. Arrangørfoto.

Kaiser Maximilian Lauf 2017: Lengre og bredere løype

Andre utgave av Visma Ski Classics-rennet Kaiser Maximilian Lauf arrangeres 14.-15. januar i Seefeld og Østerrike.

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The second edition of Kaiser Maximilian Lauf in Olympiaregion Seefeld, Austria is held January 14-15th. Make sure to register for a unique ski experience in the heart alps.

And with one month to go, the heat is rising. Upgrading from last year’s event, the course is now one loop over 60km, taking the skiers through both Seefeld and the Leutasch valley.

A changing mix of harder terrain around Wildmoos Alm, combined with flat open fields in Leutasch.

Preparing for this year’s event, a lot of construction has been made along the course to improve the experience for the participants.

During the summer and fall, the course is now wider in a lot of places, thanks to the new infrastructure being made for the World Championships in 2019.

But also along other parts of the course in line with the development of Seefeld as a cross country region. For example, a new bridge crossing one of the  main road in Seefeld, a new track and easier decent from Wildmoos Alm and wider tracks in Leutach.

This winter, the participants can choose between 60km in classic technique on Saturday, and 60km on the same course in skating technique on Sunday. Or why don’t you do both?

Combine Kaiser Maximilian Lauf with a retreat to Seefeld, enjoying the Winter Snow Festival held in the village the same weekend. Snow sculptures, vibrant bars and tons of happening both day and night.

Seefeld truly is a centre for cross country skiing with a great history of hosting the Olympic Games in 1964 and 1976, and the World Championships in 1985.

Come and join a unique ski experience in the middle of the Alps!

For more information and registration, please visit

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