Tord Asle Gjerdalen leder Visma Ski Classics, her går han inn til seier i La Sgambeda 2016. Foto: Rauschendorfer/NordicFocus.

Tord Asle Gjerdalen leder Visma Ski Classics, her går han inn til seier i La Sgambeda 2016. Foto: Rauschendorfer/NordicFocus.

Visma Ski Classics inntar Seefeld og Kaiser Maximilan Lauf

Lørdag 14. januar er det klart for nok et spennende oppgjør i Visma Ski Classics. Nå er det Kaiser Maximilian Lauf som venter i Seefeld og Østerrike.

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Next stop in the long distance ski championship, Visma Ski Classics, is Kaiser Maximilian Lauf in Seefeld, Austria. The live broadcast from the event starts this upcoming Saturday morning on January 14th at CET 08:45.

The Visma Ski Classics new year started in Changchun where Vasaloppet China took place in perfect winter conditions on Wednesday January 4th.

Many top athletes decided to stay home and get ready for the upcoming long distance races in Central-Europe. 

The skiers who raced in China wanted to rush back to get enough recovery time before heading to Seefeld, Austria, for the next event. Seefeld is also the host of the Nordic world championships in 2019.

Everyone has now returned home from the eastern front and slept well over the weekend, and they are now setting their sights on Kaiser Maximilian Lauf, the 60 km classic race and the fourth instalment of Visma Ski Classics Season VII.

The organizers are more than pleased to finally have some snow on the ground, and the full course is being prepared for the event.

“It looks like winter wonderland here,” Martin Tauber, the chief of the race, says with a relived sound in his voice.

“We got about 30 cm of new snow the other night, and we are able to have the original course for the Visma Ski Classics race. We are still working on the track and we don’t have many days left, but the course will be ready by Saturday. Luckily, we’ve done a good job over the summer in preparing the course, which makes it much easier for us to have the race with the amount of snow that we have right now.”

In Seefeld all the favourites such as Petter Eliassen, Tord Asle Gjerdalen, John Kristian Dahl and Johan Kjölstad will return to the fold in men’s race while Britta Johanson Norgren wants to re-claim her rightful place as the Queen of Visma Ski Classics.

She admitted feeling a bit tired and worn out in China where she was beaten by Olga Rotcheva from Russia. Despite her defeat, she is still leading the current standings while the men’s winner Andreas Nygaard is only four points behind the leader Gjerdalen. Here are the current top six athletes in both categories:


1. Tord Asle Gjerdalen, Team Santander                 284 points
2. Andreas Nygaard, Team Santander                     280 points
3. Stian Hoelgaard, Team LeasePlan                       263 points
4. Ilya Chernousov, Team Pioneer Investments       248 points
5. Petter Eliassen, Team LeasePlan                         240 points
6. Oscar Persson, Team Lager 157                          235 points
1. Britta Johansson Norgren, Team Lager 157         465 points
2. Olga Rotcheva, Russian Marathon Team             275 points
3. Katerina Smutná, Team Santander                       270 points
4. Viktoria Melina, Russian Marathon Team             262 points
5. Sara Lindborg, Team Serneke                              230 points
6. Seraina Boner, Team Gel Interim Rossignol         206 points
The current Green bib sprint leaders are Andreas Nygaard, Team Santander, and Britta Johansson Norgren, Team Lager 157, while the youth Pink bib categories are led by Stian Hoelgaard, Team LeasePlan, and Kristin Antonsen, Team Synnfjell. The leading pro team is Team Santander while Team Lager 157 and Team LeasePlan occupy the two other podium places, respectively.

Event 4: Kaiser Maximilian Lauf
Location: Seefeld in Tirol, Austria
Distance: 60km
Date: January 14th
Start times: Women elite CET 08:45, Men Elite and recreational skiers CET 09:00
Registration: Recreational skiers registration closes Wednesday 11th January!
Watch the race live on:

More information at:

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