Even Northug bykset inn i verdenseliten på sprinten i Drammen under World Cup 2016. Foto: Felgenhauer/NordicFocus.

Even Northug bykset inn i verdenseliten på sprinten i Drammen under World Cup 2016. Foto: Felgenhauer/NordicFocus.

Northug foran Brandsdal i Engadin - Eide vant dameklassen

Even Northug og Mari Eide sørget for norske triumfer i Engadin Night Sprint fredag.

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Even Northug and Mari Eide won the Engadin Night Sprint St. Moritz, beating a strong competition.

With two days to go until the Engadin Ski Marathon, the two Norwegian racers went on to victory in two gripping final races under a clear night sky in St. Moritz.

Alina Meier’s second place in the women’s competition provided some consolation for her fellow Swiss compatriots.

Rahel Imoberdorf, Jöri Kindschi and Roman Furger, despite making it into the final races, were not able to exploit their strong position. 

"I’m hoping there will be a sprint for the finish at Sunday’s marathon," says Even, the youngest of the three Northug brothers with a grin after his victory in the sprint race in the St. Moritz Park.

The 21-year-old beat his fellow compatriot Erik Bransdal to everyone’s surprise. Bransdal had been the favourite – he had won the World Cup sprint in Drammen, Norway, just last Wednesday.

Valentin Chauvin and Bastien Buttin, both from France, took third and fourth place respectively behind the Norwegian duo, followed by the two Swiss athletes Roman Furger and Jöri Kindschi.

Furger had been a strong contender in the final race, but a fall as he lay in third place saw him bury all his hopes for a place on the podium.   

In the women’s race, it was Mari Eide from Norway who met the high expectations.

She never missed a beat in the final race relegating her competitors to second and third place.

Alina Meier from Davos took second place surprisingly.

Still lying at the rear of the field in the final’s first lap, she adeptly manoeuvred herself to the front and narrowly but successfully defended her second place in front of Elisabeth Schicho from Germany.

It took the young athlete from Grisons a while to grasp her second place. Rahel Imoberdorf from the Valais qualified for the final race, but never became a contender for the podium.

Alongside the top athletes, the young athletes from the region fought for glory in a separate competition. They were cheered on by the hundreds of spectators that lined the circular course.

Sunday’s Engadin Ski Marathon will conclude the Engadin marathon week. As in the sprint race, Norway, France, and Switzerland may well be the strongest contenders for the victory.

The Swiss have two aces up their sleeves: despite losing out in the finals Rahel Imoberdorf, as well as Roman Furger, are among the favourites.

It remains to be seen whether Even Northug will be able to clinch Sunday’s sprint finish.

The Engadin Night Sprint St. Moritz is organised by St. Moritz Sport, the town’s sports body, in cooperation with the Engadin Skimarathon.


Engadin Night Sprint
Engadin/St. Moritz, Sveits - 10. mars 2017

1. Mari Eide, Norge
2. Alina Meier, Sveits
3. Elisabeth Schicho, Tyskland

1. Even Northug, Norge
2. Eirik Brandsdal, Norge
3. Valentin Chauvin, Frankrike

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