Reistadløpet byr på natur, skiglede og mye moro både for konkurranseløpere og mosjonister. Foto:

Reistadløpet byr på natur, skiglede og mye moro både for konkurranseløpere og mosjonister. Foto:

Reistadløpet neste ut i Visma Ski Classics

Reistadløpet har lange tradisjoner, men er en nyvinning i langløpscupen Visma Ski Classics. Lørdag 1. april er det klart for årets utgave.

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There are two more events in Visma Ski Classics season VII and they will certainly determine the overall results.

There are still many close fights for the jerseys and for the Visma Nordic Trophy.
In the champion competition (yellow bib) presented by Hertz, we see an exciting battle among the men.

Tord Asle Gjerdalen is the outstanding number one, but behind him there are four athletes within only 61 points: Andreas Nygaard (Team Santander), Morten Eide Pedersen (Team BN Bank), Petter Eliassen (Team LeasePlan) and Stian Hoelgaard (Team LeasePlan).
All four of them are in good shape and it seems like an open game for the last two races, Reistadløpet in Norway 1st of April and Ylläs-Levi in Finland 8th of April.

Eliassen has won the yellow bib twice before, but none of the other three have previously reached the podium in the champion competition. They might be hungrier?

But since both of the remaining races are tough, with climbs of several hundred vertical meters, Eliassen has an advantage. He does not have a sharp finish like green sprint bib holder Nygaard, but Eliassen is a strong climber.
Great season for Johansson Norgren
In the women’s category for the yellow bib, Britta Johansson Norgren (Lager 157 Ski Team) has a solid lead ahead of Katerina Smutna (Team Santander), who was back on track in Årefjällsloppet after injury.

Smutna is comfortable ahead Astrid Øyre Slind (Team United Bakeries). Sara Lindborg (Team Serneke) in fourth place is over hundred points behind Øyre Slind, which means that she needs to surpass herself to be able to reach the podium.
Aukland in the lead
Visma Nordic Trophy is the competition that includes the five final events of the season, all taking place in the Nordic countries. Prize money (35 000 euro) will be awarded top three female and male athletes, collecting most champion points in these events.
Johansson Norgren has a strong lead in Visma Nordic Trophy as well. Behind her there are several contenders for the podium. Øyre Slind, Justyna Kowalczyk (Team Santander) and Emilia Lindstedt (Team SkiProAm) are all within 55 points.
The legend Anders Aukland (Team Santander) won Årefjällsloppet last weekend, his first victory since La Sgambeda in December 2014.

He is now leading Visma Nordic Trophy, tied with teammate Gjerdalen. They are followed by Nygaard in third place and Eliassen in forth place.

With some luck in the last two races Team Santander may fill the podium among the men.

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