Løypekart for Ylläs Levi 2017.

Løypekart for Ylläs Levi 2017.

Ski Classics-finalen Ylläs-Levi fortsetter samarbeidet med Visma

Ylläs-Levi og Visma fortsetter det gode samarbeidet.

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Visma and Ylläs-Levi continues the cooperation

Visma and Ylläs-Levi have after a successful first year prolonged the cooperation where Visma continues as main partner of the event for the 2018 edition.

Together with Visma as a partner, Ylläs-Levi will continue its development and growth both in the local market and in the international long distance skiing scene. 

"Levi and Ylläs have been looking for an international cross country skiing event for a long time. For us, Visma Ski Classics is the answer.

To host Ylläs-Levi as a Visma Ski Classics event is a perfect opportunity for us to present cross country skiing in our area for both an international and Finnish audience.

Visma is a very important parter to Ylläs-Levi and we are delighted to continue our corporation for upcoming year.

We could not be prouder to host the final event in the Visma Ski Classics tour and we look forward to Ylläs-Levi in April 2018.

This weekend will certainly be the most successful weekend of the spring", says Kristiina Kukkohovi, Managing Director/CEO Levi

"As the title partner for Visma Ski Classics since 2015, we are pleased that Ylläs-Levi​ will be the final race in the tour also next season.

During the last years, Visma has experienced rapid growth in Finland, now with more than 650 employees serving 50,000 customers.

We feel that we have a lot in common with the long distance ski championship. Cross-country skiing speaks to our Nordic identity, and like Visma, Ski Classics is experiencing strong growth.

We ​were the main partner in the Ylläs-Levi event this past season and we ​are very pleased to be the main partner also in the next season.

Finland is an important market for Visma, and we ​look forward to supporting this event", says Visma CEO Øystein Moan.

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