Team Decathlon Experience sitt mannskap for sesongen 2020/2021. Teamfoto.

Team Decathlon Experience sitt mannskap for sesongen 2020/2021. Teamfoto.


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E-liberty Ski Team and Team Crédit Agricole Franche-Comté have merged to create Team Decathlon Experience.

– After months of work and meeting in videoconferences, Team Décathlon Experience is born. Team Nordique Crédit Agricole and E-liberty Ski Team have merged thanks to the contribution of athletes, trainers, sponsors, and volunteers, says Pro Team Director, Pierre Tichit.

The best French athletes, Alexis Jeannerod and Roxane Lacroix have joined the team.

With two Swiss athletes, Arnaud Du Pasquier and Candide Pralong, the team is composed around a big group of athletes coming from Jura Mountains, Vosges and Alps.

– Our mission is to create a dynamic and strong team, says Pro Team coaches, Emilien Buisson and Maxime Grenard.

– We will have ten training camps which mean 80 days together until the start of season XI, the duo continues.

– After the merger, the aim was to build a big sector for long-distances with our training center in La Féclaz. It was challenging to create this kind of project with the current crisis, I would like to thank sponsors who follow us and believe in our project, says Pierre Tichit, Pro Team Director.

– Now the ambition is to fight for top 5 in Pro Team competition in Visma Ski Classics and achieve the first French podium place on the Pro Tour, Tichit ends.

Team Décathlon Experience 2020-2021

Antoine Auger, FRA
Thomas Chambellant, FRA
Céline Choppard Lallier, FRA
Paul Combey, FRA
Théo Deswaziere, FRA
Arnaud Du Pasquier, SUI
Paul Golabre, FRA
Jean Grasset, FRA
Alexis Jeannerod, FRA
Thomas Joly, FRA
Marie Kromer, FRA
Roxane Lacroix, FRA
Claire Moyse, FRA
Bastien Poirrier, FRA
Alexandre Pouye, FRA
Candide Pralong, SUI
Kati Roivas, FIN
Antoine Tarantola, FRA

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