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VIKTIG: Alle siste resultater mellom nyhet nr. 4 og 5 (mange konkurranser i helga)| Utvalgte resultater: ØTS-rennet| Opp Tryvann| Bråtesten| SKIPLUKKER'N SVARER
Vetle Thyli. Foto: Rauschendorfer/NordicFocus.

Vetle Thyli. Foto: Rauschendorfer/NordicFocus.


Nå i World Classic Tour - Virtual Alliansloppet

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What a success again on this second stage of Virtual World Classic Tour!

You were 270 people from 20 different nationalities registered this week-end! We would like to congratulate the 230 people having completed their activities! The participants had such a great day competing or training on their home road to collect kilometers for their favourite Pro Teams!

On the team competition the fight for the first position has been intense this week-end! Xc-ski.de A|N Skimarathon Team, leader with 230 km ahead of Skimarathon Team Austria after Virtual Blink Classics, have seen it advantage reduced to 6 km!

The Austrian have pushed really hard and were very close to take the lead of the team competition! The final stage will be really exciting! Fighting for the podium and the first place, Team Robinson Trentino signed actually the second best score on this second stage and are still in the fight to catch up some with the German and Austrian leader teams.

In the individual competition base on time the victory in the long distance class came again to the Norwegian pro skier Vetle Thyli from Team Kaffebryggeriet. He cleared the 48 km together with his team mate Magnus Vesterheim with a supersonic time of 1h 32min 09s, representing an average pace of 31,2km/hours!!!

The two athletes have probably enjoyed a particularly favorable track to realise this incredible time with a set of wheel number 2! The third best time of the day has been cleared by the well know Maksim Vylegzhanin from Russia with at time of 1h 47min 53s.

In the women class, the podium place where decided with very small margins. The Russian, Olga Tsareva took the victory in 02:08:20. Follow the german Franziska Müller in 02:10:07 and the Swiss Nicole Donzallaz in 02:11:00. We can also note the great performance of the Italian para-athlete Marta Gentile with the impressive time of 02:13:28 to clear  48 km!

In the Medium competition – 32km, Lorenzo Cerutti (01:16:19) and Melina Schöttes (01:18:37) took the victory! We can note that Melina fixed the 3rd time of the day amongst the man with a very small margin of 2min 18!

In the Light competition – 16 km, Markus Schwarz from Austria (00:36:16) and Anna Wikström from Sweden (00:52:12) have realised the best times

* You can find the full results of all the distances here.



After two stages it is now time to publish the overall time leader on the 3 differents distance (LONG – MEDIUM and LIGHT). The actual leader:

LONG: Vetle Thyli (Team Kaffebryggeriet) in 3:46:21 and Nicole Donzallaz (Team Robinson Trainer) in 4:57:40

MEDIUM: Niels Weirich (Skimarathon Austria Team) in 2:29:14  and Anna-Maria Wörndle in 2:55:14

LIGHT: Marek Pazderský (Silvini Madshus Team) in 1:04:44 and Anna Wikström in 1:25:01

* The overall ranking with the technique and wheel type here.



Next stage is Virtual Toppidrettsveka! We have received a lot of request to have the virtual final stage on a full week.

So we decided to make possible to submit your results from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th of July! 

It will even be possible for you to do the distance several time and choose your best prestation!

* Komplette resultater alle distanser fra Virtual Alliansloppet

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