Langrennsløpere i verdenscupen. Foto: Modica/NordicFocus.

Langrennsløpere i verdenscupen. Foto: Modica/NordicFocus.

AVLYST: World Cup i Minneapolis

Verdenscupens sprintrenn i Minneapolis kommende tirsdag er innstilt.

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FIS Cross-Country World Cup races in Minneapolis (USA) Cancelled

Due to the continued outbreak and spread of the Novel Coronavirus and newly announced travel restrictions by the United States, the upcoming Coop FIS Cross Country World Cup competitions on 17th March 2020 in Minneapolis (USA) have been cancelled.

The health and welfare of the athletes and all other participants, as well as the general public are in the forefront and the priority of all stakeholders.

The instructions and decisions of the National and Regional Governments and their Health Authorities are decisive in any recommendation regarding public gatherings that impact FIS competitions.

The teams are presently in Quebec (CAN) with the programme proceeding as scheduled on 14th – 15th March.

Any further developments with the Canmore (CAN) Finals will be announced as they are known.

* Det er FIS, det internasjonale skiforbundet, som melder dette.

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