Tetgruppa underveis i König Ludwig Lauf 2014. Foto: Rauschendorfer/NordicFocus.

Tetgruppa underveis i König Ludwig Lauf 2014. Foto: Rauschendorfer/NordicFocus.

König Ludwig Lauf tilbake i gammelt slag

Swix Ski Classics - König Ludwig Lauf

Etter noen tunge år med store værutfordringer ligger nå forholdene bra til rette i Ammergau-alpene. Mens det i fjor ble en rundløype som førte til mange problematiske situasjoner underveis, arrangeres König Ludwig Lauf i kjent stil søndag fra Ettal til Oberammergau.

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The sixth event of the ongoing Swix Ski Classics – König Ludwig Lauf, will be held on Sunday, Februari 1st, 2015 with the women starting 08:45 CET and men starting at 09:00 CET.

The very first competition took place on the 17th March, 1968. The distances were 45km and 90km, during that period, it was the longest cross country skiing distance in the world! Already in 1971 among the 1383 the first Scandinavian was registered.

Thanks to the foundation of the Alpetris in 1974 the participant’s number could be raised to over 2000. Only two years later the race was integrated in the Euroloppet. Due to the participation of other great events, also outside Europe, the creation of Worldloppet was possible.

Since 2011 the König Ludwig Lauf is part of the Swix Ski Classics .

The Course
The 46km course starts in Ettal and will go through the Ammergau Alps by passing the villages of Graswang and Linderhof castle on the way to the finish line in Oberammergau.

Ski Classics sprints are in Graswang after 9km and Steinbrucke after 33km.

About the Ammergau Alps
The Ammergau Alps are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps in the states of Bavaria (Germany) and Tyrol (Austria).

They cover an area of about 30 x 30 km and begin at the outer edge of the Alps. The highest summit is the Daniel, which has a height of 2,340 meters (7,680 ft.).

To the north the Alpine Foreland forms the boundary from the river Lech to the river Loisach. The Lech forms the boundary in the west from its exit into the Alpine Foreland downstream as far as Reutte.

The Loisach borders the Ammergau Alps in the east, southeast and south from its exit into the Alpine Foreland upstream as far as the Ehrwald Basin.

To the southwest the valley of the Zwischentoren forms the link between the Ehrwald Basin and the Reutte Basin (Talkessel).The Zwischentoren valley forms a barely noticeable pass that links the Ammergau Alps to the Lechtal Alps.


Rennets hjemmeside
Resultater, omtaler, kartvisning, høydeprofil, værvarsel, bilder

* LANGRENN PLUSS (+): Tid for å bli abonnent - Full tilgang på alle de gode sakene

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