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Eldar Rønning på 15 km klassisk under Beitosprinten 2014, der han ble nummer 28. Foto: Geir Nilsen/Langrenn.com.

Eldar Rønning på 15 km klassisk under Beitosprinten 2014, der han ble nummer 28. Foto: Geir Nilsen/Langrenn.com.

Eldar Rønning til start i Tartu Maraton

I følge arrangøren er Eldar Rønning en av eliteløperne som legger ut på det 63 kilometer lange FIS Marathon Cup-rennet Tartu Maraton i Estland søndag. Elitegruppa rommer totalt 4 nordmenn.

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Although most parts of Estonia do suffer from lack of snow, the area around Tartu and Otepää is lucky to have good snow conditions. Therefore the original track for the 63km CT Tartu Maraton race could be confirmed by the organisers.

However, long periods with warm temperatures and no snow made it nevertheless a big challenge for the OC to prepare the race. The first 47km are in perfect conditions, the last 16km do see less snow on the track, however, the conditions are still pretty good when looking at the rest of Estonia.

As usual, the race starts in Otepää, the place where also the FIS Junior World Championships in 2011 were held and where the FIS Cross Country World Cup had its stop a couple of weeks back.

From there it leads to Matu and further to Ande in south-westerly direction. In Ande the track turns north heading to Kuutse, Arula and Peebu.

It then continuous in North-Easterly direction to Palu. There, 47 of the 63km have already been skied.

During the last 16km, the course turns North to Hellenurme, Kohvipunkt (the “coffee point”, sponsored by an Estonian coffee roasting facility) and further to Elva, where the finish awaits the racers in the middle of the typical pine forest of the area.

In total, about 5000 starters will participate in the 63km CT race, coming from 29 countries.

The weather forecast predicts sunny weather with below zero temperatures during the nights to come and temperatures above zero during the days.

If the weather stays like this, waxing will certainly become a tricky thing and surely challenging, but the sun will make the race a wonderful experience for all!

The racers – who is on the start list?
As Vasaloppet (SWE) is happening one week later then usual due to the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun (SWE) this year, a lot of athletes, who normally love Tartu Maraton for beeing the perfect preparation for this longest and oldest long distance race in the Worldloppet circuit – have decided not to come as otherwise their training calendar would get mixed up.

The same goes for a lot of FIS Marathon Cup athletes who will take a break to prepare the next skating FIS Marathon Cup race, the American Birkebeiner. Therefore, it will be very interesting who takes his and her chanc to show off at the Tartu Maraton this year!

Biggest name on the start list is certainly Eldar Roenning (NOR), known to be a very good classic skier.

The Estonian National Team will equally be present, hoping to show their abilities in front of their home crowd.

On the women's side, Antonella Confortola (ITA) is back. Tatjana Mannima (EST) however, will certainly be the favourite for this race, racing at home with a victory at La Transju'Classic in her pocket.


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