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Prolonged cooperation with Discovery Sweden

Last season´s, Discovery has been the media partner in Sweden broadcasting Visma Ski Classics on Kanal 9 and Eurosport Player.

After a successful cooperation both parties have agreed to enter a prolonged two-year agreement.

The Swedish fans can already now prepare to follow the action in upcoming Season X on free to air Kanal 9 and Eurosport Player.

– We are satisfied to prolong this cooperation in the Swedish market over the coming seasons.

– Discovery is a great partner and the broadcasts have been very well received by our fans, alot thanks to their top class commentators, says Visma Ski Classics CEO David Nilsson.

– We are happy to prolong our successful cooperation with Visma Ski Classics, being able to present world-class skiing to our TV viewers, says Marcus Törngren, Editor in Chief Discovery Networks Sweden and Eurosport.                         

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