Ung skiløper underveis i turrennet La Diagonela i Engadindalen ved St. Moritz i Sveits. Arrangørfoto.

Ung skiløper underveis i turrennet La Diagonela i Engadindalen ved St. Moritz i Sveits. Arrangørfoto.

GENISTREK FRA LA DIAGONELA: – Vi vil vise våre sønner og døtre det nydelige ved langrennsløping

Hvordan få flere med i skifamilien, det er noe de er opptatt av også i Sveits og La Diagonela. Kanskje har de funnet et genialt svar.

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The generation Z participates for free at La Diagonela

La Diagonela invites all young people of the Generation Z to start free of charge at their four cross-country skiing events «La Diagonela», «La Pachifica», «La Cuorta» or «La Stafetta». The aim is to get the young people more interested in cross-country skiing.

"We want to show our sons and daughters the beauty of cross-country skiing," says OC President Ramun Ratti. This is the main motivation of la Diagonela and its partners, to invite the Generation Z - youths born in 2000 or later, to participate for free at one of the races.

A competition for teenagers
The young are the future of cross-country skiing. And this is exactly why La Diagonela offers this opportunity. The young people should be able to develop their passion for cross-country skiing as early as possible.

They can choose from three distances of 11km, 27km or 65km. Therefore there is a suitable distance for everyone and a unique opportunity to measure themselves with professional athletes. The main focus however is based on fun and enjoyment. And where is there a nicer finish than at these races?

Team competition - La Stafetta
In addition to promoting the participation for young people, the team spirit will be encouraged as well. For this reason, the new team competition «La Stafetta» will be held. The teams of 4 will cover the original distance of the 65km long La Diagonela. The individual athlete will race a section of approximately 10-20km.

There are no rules for the team composition, other than competing as a quartet. The newly launched competition format of «La Stafetta» is also particularly suitable for young runners who want to share a special cross-country skiing experience together.

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