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Ilia Chernousov. Foto: Felgenhauer/NordicFocus.

Ilia Chernousov. Foto: Felgenhauer/NordicFocus.

Ilia Chernousov avgjorde Engadin Skimarathon på målstreken

Bare et tidel skilte Ilia Chernousov og neste konkurrent i Engadin Skimarathon i Sveits søndag. Mellom de 30 første var det kun 32 sekunder. Også hos damene var det hard kamp om pallplassene.

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The Russian skier Ilia Chernousov, who lives in S-chanf (GR), wins the Engadin Skimarathon in a photo finish ahead of the Frenchman Robin Duvillard and the Swiss Roman Furger.

Anouk Faivre Picon from France takes the women’s first place; runner-up is last year’s winner Riitta-Liisa Roponen, followed by the American Caitlin Gregg.

In brilliant sunshine but cold conditions, both the men’s and the women’s winners come in at times some 10 minutes above the record mark.

Ilia Chernousov literally «took home» his first victory at the Engadin Skimarathon:

The Russian cross-country pro lives in S-chanf, where the race finishes, with his biathlete wife Selina Gasparin and their new-born baby girl.

Having won at the «Engadine race» thus means a lot to him, he says after the race.

Despite breaking a pole early on in the fast-paced race, he managed to keep up with the lead.

He was in third position on entering the finishing area when a group of skiers tumbled right behind him; fortunately, he was not involved.

Robin Duvillard, his French adversary, did not give in easily in the finishing race: it came to a photo finish that the local skier clinched for himself with a minimal advantage of a tenth of a second.

The ladies’ race was also decided on the finishing line only:

Riitta-Liisa Roponen, the Finnish favourite, lost the duel of the two former winners.

Roponen had won the last two Engadin Skimarathons; Anouk Faivre Picon had crossed the finishing line in S-chanf as winner in 2012.

At the finish, the Finnish skier congratulated her conqueror warmly:

The French skier had lost a ski pole basket 15 kilometres before the finish but went ahead to race the final stretch with the damaged pole.

There was simply no time to change poles in the tight leading group of three ladies, commented the winner dryly.

13,331 participants, the third-largest field in the history of the Engadine Skimarathon, encountered excellent conditions.

The race started at cold temperatures; however, a light northerly wind blew instead of the tail wind many had hoped for.

It was a fast race.

Still, the best missed the record mark by about 10 minutes.

The cross-country ski trails were in a very good state up to the end of the race.

Medical emergency
Shortly after the start, a 67 year-old participant suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated.

Following immediate resuscitation by the medial team accompanying the race, the Swiss air rescue service REGA, arriving just a few minutes later, managed to stabilise the condition of the man from the canton of Zürich and flew him to the Cantonal hospital in Chur where he is now undergoing further treatment.

The Engadin Skimarathon Organising Committee express their deepest regrets at the occurrence and wish the athlete a speedy recovery. In respect to the patient and his family, no further details are provided.


Engadin Skimarathon - 42 km, fristil
Engadin, St. Moritz, Sveits - 8. mars 2015


1. Anouk Faivre Picon, Frankrike 1:39.35,3
2. Riitta-Liisa Roponen, Finland 1:39.36,1
3. Caitlin Gregg, USA 1:39.42,9
4. Aurélie Dabudyk, Frankrike 1:41.17,0
5. Holly Brooks, USA 1:41.28,6
6. Antonella Confortola Wyatt, Italia 1:41.30,4
Beste norske
17. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold 1:46.36,2

1. Ilia Chernousov, Russland 1:34.50,1
2. Robin Duvillard, Frankrike 1:34.50,2
3. Roman Furger, Sveits 1:34.51,0
4. Jason Rueesch, Sveits 1:34.51,2
5. Bastien Poirrier, Frankrike 1:34.53,1
6. Jean-Marc Gaillard, Frankrike 1:34.55,1
Beste norske
43. Didrik Smith 1:36.26,3

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