Et knippe løpere gjør seg klar for Dæhlie Test Run. Foto: Dæhlie.

Et knippe løpere gjør seg klar for Dæhlie Test Run. Foto: Dæhlie.

Løp mot tidene til Northug & co i Dæhlie Test Run

Petter Northug, Didrik Tønseth og Ingvild Flugstad Østberg har alle gjort det. Tar du utfordringen i Dæhlie Test Run i høst?

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The challenge was tempting for: «Do you want to test our new Running Collection in an uphill race. And keep the clothes afterwards»

Out of 1500 applicants, 23 runners were chosen to do the challenge. On a sunny day in May, we set out to test both our new running ambassadors  and our new collection.

We called it: Test Run

Every contestant got to choose, and keep, two running outfits, before they raced the four kilometers up the hills from suburban Oslo to the Holmenkollen National ski arena.

«It was hard. But running, feeling the blood pumping… it doesn’t get any better than that,» said Amund Bjøre, one of the participants.

The runners’ performance impressed us. Driving themselves hard up that 336 m elevation. And they were impressed by the performance of our sportswear:

«It allowed me to move freely,» one of them said. «The clothes are light and transport the sweat effectively, so that I can focus on the running,» said another.

«I really think I looked good today,» one runner said, winking his eye.

«The only thing I missed was a sleeveless top,» one of them admitted on the top. 

«So we’ll try to work on that last bit for next year,» says marketing manager Linda Linnebo.

The test runners were all recorded on the Strava app. Our brand heroes – as well as founder Bjørn Dæhlie – did the same track just a few days later. Now everyone can try to beat world champions like Didrik Tønseth, Petter Northug and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg.

«The top xc skiers really pushed it up that hill. So you need to do more than your best to compete,» Linnebo says, adding that in the months to come Dæhlie will introduce more Strava test runs on other locations both in Norway and abroad.  

Do the Dæhlie Test Turn on Strava this autumn

This autumn the same runners have tested the Oslo track again. Only this time in not so smooth weather. And with even more technical sportswear.

Dæhlie’s new Spectrum jacket is perfect for high intensity running in rough weather conditions.

– It is a jacket suitable for all seasons and all activities, says Linnebo.

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