La Diagonela. Foto: Magnus Östh/Visma Ski Classics.

La Diagonela. Foto: Magnus Östh/Visma Ski Classics.

LA DIAGONELA VOKSER VIDERE: Ny deltakerrekord - Ytterligere 15% økning

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La Diagonela is ready for the top athletes and amateurs and has a 15% increase in participant registrations.

La Diagonela is ready for the 7th edition of the classic cross-country race in the Engadine. Last year's number of participants was cracked, over 1'000th participants have registered for Saturday.

This means that there are about 15% more runners registered today than in 2019.

The athletes can race on a course in excellent condition, the snow from the beginning of winter has done a good job. Slight adjustments had to be made to the course of La Diagonela. As the lake of St. Moritz is still covered in black ice, the cross-country course needs to be changed.

The adapted cross-country trail leads from the Stazersee in the direction of the Meierei and via the «Kutscherweg» back to the marathon trail, from where the athletes will race back to the Stazersee. The total distance is now 62 km.

Topshots at the start
The international top field of Visma athletes will again be represented in large numbers this year.

Last year's winner Kateřina Smutná (CZE) from the eD system Bauer team and last year's winner Andreas Nygaard (NOR) from the Ragde Eiendom Team will be among them. The Bündner Team BSV IBEX will also be represented again at the start with a total of six athletes, including three top racers from the Engadin - Carine Heuberger, Selina Pfäffli and Nico Walther.

Not only the top athletes but many other international athletes have found their way to Switzerland. In addition to the approximately 50% Swiss racers, 28% from the Nordic countries are taking part. 6.6% are from neighboring Italy, another 6% from the Czech Republic.

The OC of La Diagonela is especially looking forward to the youngest participant (8 years old) and the oldest participant (85 years old). The age structure is widely spread, with about 40 athletes under 20 years of age at the start and about 25 runners over 70.

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