Lukas Bauer med sølvmedaljen fra femmila under VM i Falun 2015. Foto: NordicFocus.

Lukas Bauer med sølvmedaljen fra femmila under VM i Falun 2015. Foto: NordicFocus.

Lukas Bauer vant pris

– Jeg hadde ventet det skulle være andre nominerte som vant.

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Lukas Bauer Wins Pro Team Director of the Year Award

The Visma Ski Classics Season IX has been an eventful pro tour with 12 races all around Europe. There were 32 pro teams registered for this season, and it takes a lot of hard work to run a team with talented athletes. These pro teams and their skiers are the soul of the sport and their team leaders the heart that keeps the wheel rolling.

At the final banquet in Levi, a special award was granted to honor these relentless team leaders. There were six nominees for The “Pro Team Director of the Year” award, and the title went to the Czech ski legend Lukas Bauer who now heads his own team ED System Bauer Team.

Bauer’s unwavering passion for the sport, his determination to build a multi-cultural team with pro skiers of different nationalities and his endless energy to work for the benefit of his team were the factors that were recognized when selecting the winner in this category.

- This award was a positive shock to me as I expected the other nominees to win. But this means a lot to me knowing all the work I’ve put into my team and I’m constantly thinking about the next steps. This award is not only for me but for the whole team, Bauer says emotionally.

Before starting his directorial duties in Ed System Bauer Team, Lukas Bauer was a successful professional skier who achieved three Olympic medals, one silver and two bronze, and two silver medals at the World Championships. He also won Tour de Ski twice and the overall World Cup during his professional ski career.

- Since I’ve been a World Cup skier, I realized that I needed to build an international team. If you want to fight against the Scandinavian domination in skiing, you need to have a strong team, which you can’t do by having pro skiers from one Central-European country. I think this mix of different nationalities brings in an inspirational spirit, which helps us to achieve our goals.

While his team members are taking a break, the work continues for Lukas Bauer as he is now finalizing the season overview and getting ready for upcoming sponsor and partner negotiations. The team returns to serious action at the end of May or early June when they have their first traditional summer training camp.

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