Podcast Livigno2Levi fra Visma Ski Classics.

Podcast Livigno2Levi fra Visma Ski Classics.

Podcast LIVIGNO2LEVI lanseres av Visma Ski Classics

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Livigno2Levi is the new podcast covering the long distance ski championship Visma Ski Classics.

The podcasts will have episodes from each Pro Tour event but also portraits of the legend skiers in the sport. Hosts of the podcasts Livigno2Levi are Teemu Virtanen and Erik Wickström, together with an expert commentator and special guests they will analyze the events on the tour, insides of the sport and give useful tips how to become a better skier.

The first episode of Livigno2Levi just got published analyzing this weekend´s Kaiser Maximilian Lauf in Seefeld, Austria, featuring a special guest Magnar Dalen, the director of Team Ragde Eiendom is available on below link. The podcast is available will soon be available on all digital platforms for podcasts like Spotify, Podcaster, Podomatic etc.

"The new Visma Ski Classics' podcast Livigno2Levi is an important step for Visma Ski Classics expanding the content offering, and deepening the analyses. The podcasts will create our own library, with episodes about our legends and event available as books on a shelf whenever you want. I personally especially look forward listening to the special guests and their knowledges and ideas how to develop our sport!" says David Nilsson, the CEO of Visma Ski Classics.

* The podcast homepageclick here
* Link directly to the episode 1. Kaiser Maximilian Lauf 2020click here

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