Fluorfri glider og skismøring fra Rex med blant annet N-Kinetic Warm og N-Kinetic Cold.

Fluorfri glider og skismøring fra Rex med blant annet N-Kinetic Warm og N-Kinetic Cold.

Rex Ski Wax lanserer full serie fluorfri skismøring

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Rex Announces a complete range of fluor-free racing ski waxes with NKinetic™ water and dirt repellent technology

Addressing the performance demands of national teams in the post fluor ban FIS World Cup with a new non-toxic and biodegradable ski wax technology

Oy Redox Ab, a Finnish ski wax manufacturer, announces at ISPO winter sports trade show a new range of glide waxes with fluor-free Rex N-Kinetic™ technology. With a high focus on sustainability, Rex has developed an alternative for fluorinated products with similar hydrophobicity and dirt and water repellent properties as the fluorocarbon compounds that were recently banned by FIS.

“We started the project of developing a successor to fluorinated technology already in the winter 2013, when we were developing our latest high-end glide wax series prior to Sochi Olympic games. After 8000 timed test on ski tracks we came up with first generation of this new technology we have named as Rex N-Kinetic. At first it was used in waxes in addition to fluor, although we knew it was already pretty darn fast without fluor too. Since the Sochi games we have been working with top teams to develop and exploit the benefits of NKinetic technology further. The latest revisions we are now introducing are also biodegradable, which is huge step ahead when compared to fluorinated compounds.”, says Juuso Liukkonen, R&D Engineer at Rex.

A complete range of fluor-free hydrophobic products in all categories

With the announcement of two new 100% N-Kinetic™ level 4 glide wax top coatings, and four new N-Kinetic™ level 2 liquid glide waxes, Rex is now offering a serious fluor-free alternative to powders and high fluor paraffins. N-Kinetic™ technology is also used in the latest racing grip wax series of Rex, called N-Line, and in ski care products like Rex Glide Cleaner.

“We happy to offer a complete range of racing products that in many cases replaces the performance of traditional fluorinated waxes, including powders. Our N-Kinetic level 4 top coating liquids have already been used in FIS and IBU World Cup during seasons 18/19 and 19/20, simply because in optimal conditions they have beaten all powders in glide tests arranged by teams. Race speeds in FIS World Cup might not slow down after the fluor ban, as some have speculated earlier.”, said Antti Peltonen, Brand Manager and partner at Rex.

About Redox
Established in 1952, Rex is one of the leading ski wax manufacturers and it is working continuously together with the world’s best teams in developing new products. The first ever product made by Rex was the official fuel cell for the Olympic torch in 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Since then, the mission of Rex has been producing chemical products for sports at the highest level. Rex is known worldwide for its high-end products that are widely used in nordic skiing World Cup among all national teams. With its award-winning chain lubricants like Rex Black Diamond, Rex is bringing the same performance level to bicycle products. Rex production plant is located in Hartola, Finland. Rex is a privately-owned family business with generations-deep roots in the Finnish nordic sports industry.

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