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Fra starten i La Sgambeda Classic. Foto: Felgenhauer/NordicFocus.

Fra starten i La Sgambeda Classic. Foto: Felgenhauer/NordicFocus.

Ski Classics åpner påmeldingen til La Sgambeda og Dobbiaco-Cortina

Startnummer til La Sgambeda og Toblach/Dobbiaco - Cortina, vinterens to første renn i langløpscupen Ski Classics, legges ut for salg tirsdag.

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The long distance cross country ski championship Ski Classics consist the coming winter of 10 events.

All events, except the Prologue, are a unique combination of both recreational skiers and professional Pro Teams.

Two of the events, La Sgambeda and Dobbiaco-Cortina, open their registrations 1 of september at CET 10.00.

- La Sgambeda, December 6th, is a 35km race with start in finish in the beautiful northern Italian ski resort Livigno, says David Nilsson, CEO Ski Classics.

- Livigno is a Tax-free zone, so not only a trip for recreational skiers to get the first training sessions on snow and maybe a fun race with the La Sgambeda at the end of the training trip, but also a place for your christmas shopping.

- Livigno is on quite high altitude,1800 asl,and a famous destination for the Pro Teams training camps year round.

- If you travel down to Livigno for La Sgambeda you can also see the Pro Team Prologue on Saturday the 5th of December live on site. La Sgambeda has a maximum of 2000 skiers.

He continues:

- Dobbiaco-Cortina 50km classic is a new race in Ski Classics, and take place on Saturday February 13th starting in Dobbiaco (Toblach in German) going through fantastic terrain, a UNESCO world natural heritage area, before finishing on the city square of the jet-set ski destination Cortina.

- Then on Sunday the 14th they have a 30km skate race back from Cortina to Toblach, and the real strong athletes can register in the combination class 50km+30km over the two days.

- The Dobbiaco-Cortina race has a great potential to become one of the major races in Ski Classics. This winter they have a maximum of 3000 start places.

Registrations to La Sgambeda and Dobbiaco Cortina opens CET 10.00 September 1st, don't miss the chance to get a start place.

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