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Visma Ski Classics enters South America for the first time when the most southern cross country skiing event in the world- Ushuaia Loppet, Tierra del Fuego Argentina, becomes a Challenger event! 

The new Challengers concept was launched earlier in April this year as a common platform in order to connect and promote long distance skiing events worldwide. 

Ushuaia Loppet is a 50 kilometers long race held in the most southern region of Argentina- Patagonia.

The event was created by the Club Andino Ushuaia (CAU) as a complement to its sister race- the Marchablanca which was founded in 1986 with two distances, 21 km and 10 km. 

Ushuaia Loppet course is located 25km outside of the city Ushuaia and link together the most important winter centers in the region; Cerro Castor Alpine area, Ushuaia Blanca, Las Cotorras, Llanos del Castor and the Start/Finish of the race in Tierra Mayor.

All this through the natural beauty of Tierra del Fuego valleys and forest.

– For Visma Ski Classics it is a true mile stone being able to launch our first cooperation partner in South America! When creating the Challengers concept the vision was to connect the whole world of long distance skiing to increase the interest for the sport worldwide. I believe we have started in a good way towards this goal.

– The first step is to have new events joining the Challengers platform, thereafter we together will build the tools inside it, says Visma Ski Classics CEO David Nilsson.


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