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Teten i langløpet Marcialonga en tidligere vinter. Foto: Östh/NordicFocus.

Teten i langløpet Marcialonga en tidligere vinter. Foto: Östh/NordicFocus.

Slik er den nye Ski Classics-finalen

Lørdag 8. april går første utgave av finske Ylläs-Levi av stabelen som det avslutningsrennet i langløpscupen Ski Classics.

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Ylläs-Levi, Finland´s new long distance ski race
Ylläs-Levi is a new long distance ski race over 60 km in classic technique. It takes place the first time on Saturday April 8, 2017. The event will for the coming three year´s be the final event in the long distance ski championship Visma Ski Classics.

The chief of competition of Ylläs-Levi, Teemu Virtanen, admits that this is a dream come true to many Finnish long distance skiers:

- Ylläs-Levi is a wonderful boost to Finland’s long distance skiing. Visma Ski Classics has paved the way for the sport for six years now, and finally Finland can be part of the family.

- I know in my heart that this event will be an experience that will linger on in the minds of our participants. Two perfect ski resorts with guaranteed snow, the majestic nature in Lapland and an experienced organization will guarantee a major success.

- It is also great to see a World Cup in alpine skiing starting the winter season in Levi in November and our Visma Ski Classics final event ending it in early April. What more can we hope for?

The start is in the middle of Ylläs Ski Resort by the downhill slopes and ski through scenic landscapes over fells and through Lapland’s wilderness where local reindeer herds can easily be spotted.

The race finish is in the center of the idyllic winter wonderland village Levi.

The Ylläs-Levi ski event has been around for several years as an unofficial gathering of skiers, but it was made official only last year when a small group of cross-country ski enthusiasts decided to organize a race between Finland’s two most renowned ski resorts.

Southern Lapland offers perfect snow conditions throughout the winter season, which makes the location ideal for Visma Ski Classics final.

Both Ylläs and Levi are easily accessible by plane, train or car. Lapland’s capital city Rovaniemi is about 170 km from both places, and the local airport is in Kittilä, only 30 km from Levi.

The accommodation capacity is more than 50,000 in the area making it a busy international tourist attraction all year round.

- For Visma Ski Classics an event in Finland has been in focus for some years, we are now delighted with this new event in amazing northern Lappland nature being part of the tour.

- Both Ylläs and Levi has to date been most famous as alpine resorts, now they will gain more interest from cross country skiers all around Europe, and hopefully we can help them to expand further as complete winter destinations, says David Nilsson CEO Visma Ski Classics.

The registration for Ylläs-Levi opens on Thursday, September 15.

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