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Emil Iversen har inngått partnerskap med OneWay. Foto: Emil Iversen.

Emil Iversen har inngått partnerskap med OneWay. Foto: Emil Iversen.

SPONSOR: Emil Iversen har landet avtale med One Way

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After intensive testing this spring, Emil Iversen has decided to use One Way poles in the future in order to score World Cup points and chase medals. The new Premio SLG 20 has convinced the two-time World Champion of Seefeld 2019 with its lightness and its perfectly adjusted grip-strap setup: "The poles fit me perfectly and they are extremely good. So I am very much looking forward to using the poles in the upcoming training period. And I am especially looking forward to using them in the upcoming competition season! I am happy to be a part of the One Way Race Team!" More about further details in the following short interview.

What do you especially like about your new poles?

Emil Iversen: I have tested the One Way Racing poles on both snow and rollerski now. I find them extremely well suited for me and my technique. I especially like the grip-strap setup, because it feels so tight and comfortable. I feel like I get 100% power through the pole in all techniques without any of the power disappearing due to a loose grip-strap setup, which I have felt in other grip-strap setups. In addition, I like the swing weight and that the Premio SLG 20 feels solid and strong, so I don’t have to worry about breaking a pole too often.

Does the new equipment mean any changes to your technique?

Emil Iversen: I feel like the Premio SLG 20 helps to develop my technique in a positive direction, especially due to the tight grip-strap setup, which makes it easier for me to do a faster movement after I am finished with a stroke and make me able to be faster ready for a new stroke. This is crucial for me to sprint fast in sprints and mass starts. I also feel like the grip-strap setup is designed in a good way. It’s easier for me in double poling to get a little narrower position in which I am stronger than if I get too wide. I feel like my double poling-technique has improved after I started using the One Way poles.

How do you feel about the upcoming season?

Emil Iversen: I am extremely motivated in front of the upcoming season and have already done a good job in training to be better than ever in the upcoming winter. I am also excited about how the coming season will be, due to the restrictions because of Covid-19. I am training for a normal competition season, but I am also prepared for possible changes that may occur. I feel confident and stronger than ever in the preparations and hope to be in my best shape in the World Championships in Oberstdorf in February.

What will your focus be the next few months?

Emil Iversen: In the next few months my focus is on getting a high-volume training job done, with a lot of low-intensity training, to build a better endurance capacity and a stronger foundation before the training gets harder in the fall. Hopefully my shape will improve throughout the fall and peak around February. In addition, I focus a lot on technical development and general strength in this time of the year, plus maintaining and developing my expertise as a cross county skier, which I consider to be my sprint skills and my abilities to go fast in the easy terrains of a ski track (in turns, over tops, in downhills etc.).

About the Premio SLG 20

If you want to be in the lead instead of disappearing in the pack, follow pros like superstars Dorothea Wierer and Emil Iversen and choose the Premio SLG 20. The lightest, most balanced XC pole from the World Cup now has an even lighter carbon shaft. With its optimized swing weight, you keep your cadence and control on the way to victory. The high performance grip-strap setup ensures maximum power transfer and allows you to get the most out of each push.

Lengths: 135 - 175 (2,5cm) / 150;160;170;180cm (Kit version)

Weight: 50g (per meter)

Shaft: 100% UHM Premio SL Carbon

Grip: Carbon Grip

Strap: AV SLG Strap

Shaft ø: 16:9 (mm)

Basket: Flash Premio S basket (yellow)

Tip: Sintered Tip

Finish: decal w/o finish



ONE WAY is a well-known brand of ski poles and accessories and since early 2018 their products have been developed, manufactured and sold by FISCHER SPORT GMBH. Originally founded in Finland in 2004 and now based in Austria, the company still has a strong connection to its Scandinavian roots. Exceptional, pure product design, remarkable success in Nordic racing and strong communication in relation to winter and outdoor activities have characterised the brand from the beginning.

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