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Foran turrennet Tartu Maraton 2020. Foto: Club Tartu Maraton.

Foran turrennet Tartu Maraton 2020. Foto: Club Tartu Maraton.

Tartu Maraton: – Arrangerer turmarsj dersom rennet avlyses

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If the 47th Tartu Maraton, scheduled to take place on the 16th of February, will be canceled due to lack of snow, then it is possible to take part in a hike dedicated to the 60th birthday of Tartu Maraton.

The organizers produce as much snow as they can with the current minus degrees, but short-term weather forecasts show that the cold-wave will unfortunately be too short. It probably won’t be enough to organize Tartu Maraton in Tehvandi’s loops made of artificial snow (like in Tartu Maraton 2017).

Even more unrealistic is the fact that the weather forecasts will change drastically and there will be heavy snowfalls during the marathon week. So as of today the 47th Tartu Maraton is unlikely to take place. Final decisions will be made by the organizers no later than Tuesday, 11th of February.

On January 16th, 1960, the first Tartu-Kääriku ski hike was launched in the center of Tartu, which was the start of Tartu Maraton. Hence the idea to organize a walking hike in case skiing won’t be possible.

The jubilee hike, which would start at Tehvandi’s Stadium in Otepää and finish at Kääriku, has two distances: 26 and 17 km.

Track’s schemas and final details will be ready within this week. In any case, however, participants have a chance to enjoy the paths along Lake Pühajärv, the famous Kekkonen’s hiking track and places that overlap with the skiing marathon course (e.g. Harimägi).

For those who have registered for the skiing marathon, participating in the hike is free of charge (re-registration required). Of course, it is possible to take part in the hike also for those who haven’t signed up for the skiing marathon (registration HERE).

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