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Tiril Eckhoff. Foto: @chaukeli.

Tiril Eckhoff. Foto: @chaukeli.


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Tiril Eckhoff boosts ONE WAY RACE TEAM

The One Way Race Team is happy to announce another well-known new member: The Norwegian top biathlete Tiril Eckhoff will start from now on with the Premio SLG 20.

The runner-up in the overall World Cup last winter is convinced about her new poles and can hardly wait for the start of the season: "I am looking forward to being part of the One Way Race Team.”

More about further details in the following short interview.

How is your summer training going and what will your focus be the next few months?

Tiril Eckhoff: My summer training has been very good. My focus is to get a big amount of quality training during the summer. Then I become stronger during the winter season. This summer I tried to vary my training with rollerskis, cycling, running and paddling. I love the summer months!

What are the details of this Premio SLG 20 pole that convinced you to switch poles?

Tiril Eckhoff: The grip is the best I have ever tried, and I can’t wait to try it in competition. Another reason is the service, the One Way Team together with the Fischer Team are the best in service through the whole season.

Do the new poles mean any changes to your technique?

Tiril Eckhoff: I don’t know, but maybe they will help me to become even stronger next season. Time will show.

How do you feel about the coming season?

Tiril Eckhoff: I am very excited for the coming season. Will there be any spectators or not? How will the World Cup be this season? Nobody knows, but I know that I will do a great job until the season starts.


About the Premio SLG 20:

If you want to be in the lead instead of disappearing in the pack, follow pros like superstars Dorothea Wierer, Tiril Eckhoff and Emil Iversen and choose the Premio SLG 20.

The lightest, most balanced XC pole from the World Cup now has an even lighter carbon shaft. With its optimized swing weight, you keep your cadence and control on the way to victory. The high performance grip-strap setup ensures maximum power transfer and allows you to get the most out of each push.

Lengths: 135 - 175 (2,5cm) / 150;160;170;180cm (Kit version)

Weight: 50g (per meter)

Shaft: 100% UHM Premio SL Carbon

Grip: Carbon Grip

Strap: AV SLG Strap

Shaft ø: 16:9 (mm)

Basket: Flash Premio S basket (yellow)

Tip: Sintered Tip

Finish: Decal w/o finish


ONE WAY is a well-known brand of ski poles and accessories and since early 2018 their products have been developed, manufactured and sold by FISCHER SPORT GMBH. Originally founded in Finland in 2004 and now based in Austria, the company still has a strong connection to its Scandinavian roots.

Exceptional, pure product design, remarkable success in Nordic racing and strong communication in relation to winter and outdoor activities have characterised the brand from the beginning.


* Finor / Fischer som også driver One Way-merket er profileringspartner av

* LANGRENN PLUSS (+): Elite-intervjuer, trening, teknikk, utstyr, smøring med mye mere
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