Vetle Thyli. Foto: Visma Ski Classics / Magnus Östh.

Vetle Thyli. Foto: Visma Ski Classics / Magnus Östh.

VETLE THYLI RASKEST AV ALLE I Virtual World Classic Tour - Virtual Blink Classics

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The first stage of the Virtual tour is done!

252 participants from 20 different nations - 4 continents, were registered to make history and take part to the very first Virtual tour in rollerski!

The participants had 3 days to complete and record (GPS) the distance they were signed for: 60 - 30 or 10 km.

215 participants have submitted their activity!

The participants had a great time rolling on their home track. Some use the opportunity to test their shape and went all-in, some other just had a great day out challenging themselves on a long distance! 

On the 60 km, the fastest time has been completed  by the pro skier Vetle Thyli from Team Kaffebryggeriet with an impressive time: 2:14:15 !

Second time is Tommy Bylund (2:21:25) representing Team Engcon on this Virtual Tour, followed by another Swedish - Adam Blomberg in 2:22:45 ( Team Ramudden ). 

The fastest woman was Nicole Donzaliaz (SUI) from Team Robinson Trentino in 2:46:28 followed by the German Franziska Müller from xc-ski.de A|N Skimarathon Team and Tehri Pollari (FIN) from Skimarathon Team Austria.

The objective of Virtual World Classic Tour was also to offer some support to the Pro teams in order to finance their summer season.

50 % of the registration fee redistributed directly to the teams and the participants were supporting their favourite with their distance completed! 

In the team competition, xc-ski.de A|N Skimarathon Team is in the lead with 1320 km covered. Follow Skimarathon Team Austria , second with 1090 km covered and Team Robinson Trentino with 930 km. 

The total distance completed by all the competitors reached almost 10 000 km on this first stage! 

The second stage is coming with Virtual Alliansloppet on the week-end of the 10/12 July 2020. 

572 participants are registered so far on the 3 differents stages. The registration are still open so it is not too late to join!

With 22 differents nationalities at the start, spread out on 4 continents, World Classic Tour take all its sense (GER - AUS - AUT - FRA - ITA - CZE - EST - RUS - USA - BEL - HOL - ESP - SUI - JAP - SWE - FIN -NOR - POL - ISR - DAN - UK - MAL). 

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Virtual World Classic Tour - Virtual Blink Classics



1. Nicole Donzaliaz, Team Robinson Trentino 02:46:40

2. Franziska Müller, xc-ski.de A|N Skimarathon Team 02:48:51

3. Tehri Pollari, Skimarathon Team Austria 02:50:51


1. Vetle Thyli, Team Kaffebryggeriet 02:14:12

2. Tommy Bylund, Team Engcon 02:21:45

3. Adam Blomberg, Team Ramudden 02:22:45

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